So Shea Soufflé Collection ~ Organic Anti-Aging Body Butter {Various Sets & Sizes 6 oz 8 oz 4 oz 1.5 oz}
So Shea Soufflé Collection ~ Organic Anti-Aging Body Butter {Various Sets & Sizes 6 oz 8 oz 4 oz 1.5 oz}

So Shea Soufflé Collection ~ Set of 4 (1.5oz Jars) w/ Organic Lavender Satchel

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So Shea Soufflé Collection ~ presented by
Organic Body Butter

Set of 4 (1.5oz Jars) w/ Organic Lavender Satchel

Hand whipped to perfection in the scents of ~

Bulgarian Rose & Peony
Floral French Lavender
Eucalyptus & Spearmint

Lemon Meringue

Being an extremely picky connoisseur of products that enhance and deliver the ultimate in soft, supple, deliciously fragrant skin that is beyond touchable, as well as offering within it all natural ingredients which are essentially good for our skin inside and out.... I used this exact frame of thought to create this product. This organic body butter envelopes you with a velvety silkiness throughout your day and evening effortlessly. The ingredients used, not only soften and moisturize your skin, they also uplift the overall health of your skin. Whether your wearing the scented or unscented organic body butter, your skin will thank you for taking the time to show how much you love it!
Ingredients ~
Refined Shea Butter; Sweet Almond Oil;
Evening Primrose Oil; Vitamin E Oil; Coconut Oil;
Arrowroot Powder;
100% Pure Essential Oil; Fragrance Oil
Unique Ingredients ~ 
Evening Primrose Oil and Arrowroot Powder are used in many highly beneficial skincare products for their anti-aging properties. Additionally, Arrowroot Powder contains several B vitamins and a multitude of minerals that are necessary nutrients for your body. Arrowroot Powder is also monumental in softening your skin by enabling it to absorb moisture.
Helpful Note ~
A little goes a long way!
Due to the delicate nature of the natural ingredients used, the product will melt when you touch it. This allows fluidity when applying to your skin. Although the product will appear quite oily, after applying (remember, a little goes a long way) the product will rather quickly absorb (due to the Arrowroot Powder) leaving behind a velvety, radiant finish to your skin. Please store product in a cool place away from heat and direct sunlight. If product melts, place in a cool area and remix product once reformed. Melting of the product will not remove the benefits of the body butter.

Embrace the Beauty that is You!


All packages are shipped insulated with an enclosed ice pack to retain the product's solid form. Once you've received your product, if the product has melted, place in a cool area, upright, prior to opening the jar. This product was created using the double boiler method in which each ingredient was very gently, and warmly (not over high heat, thus retaining the necessary nutrients), melted down to blend molecularly ensuring that there will be no separation of the product and ingredients, regardless of melting.