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So Shea Soufflé ~ presented by

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... and You behold that beauty.
Although cliché, this statement remains true.
My love of attaining and utilizing all natural products and the benefits of such,
led to creating this full body radiance in a jar, very proudly, 
yet humbly named, So Shea Soufflé.
This organic skin care collection envelopes you with a velvety silkiness 

throughout your day and evening effortlessly.

Embrace the Beauty that is You!
Organic Body Butter & Himalayan Salt Scrubs
Hand whipped to perfection in the scents of ~
Bulgarian Rose & Peony
Floral French Lavender
Eucalyptus & Spearmint
Lemon Meringue

Tú Shea 


Unique Ingredients ~
Evening Primrose Oil and Arrowroot Powder 
are used in many highly beneficial skincare products 
for their anti-aging properties. 
Additionally, Arrowroot Powder contains several B vitamins 
and a multitude of minerals that are necessary nutrients for your body. 
Arrowroot Powder is also monumental in softening your skin

by enabling it to absorb moisture.

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